Yes, we do. All messages sent out will show a status report. You can click on the Outbox Tab and select the message you want to see the report for.We rely on the telephone companies to provide the delivery reports. There might be slight differences between the delivery report and the delivery status indicated. The status might also be updated if you reload the page. Sometimes the status might take longer to update even though the messages have been delivered to the recipients.

Types of delivery responses are:

Sent: The message has successfully been sent to the recipients’ phone company. This status will be updated once the phone company sends in the delivery reports.

Delivered: The message has reached the intended recipient. This status is final, it will not change with time.

Invalid number: The Telco does not acknowledge the existence of the number.

Absent Subcriber: The message could not be delivered since the recipient phone is unreachable.

Delivery Impossible: The message cannot be delivered by the Mobile Service Provider. Usually the number is detected to be out of service. This is a final status.

SenderName Blacklisted: This occurs if the user has been blacklisted not to receive messages from a particular service (shortcode or keyword)