Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take for the Sender ID to be approved?2019-02-16T21:17:12+03:00

Sender ID approval takes between 1-5 working days.

When do you do Sender ID Registration?2019-02-16T21:10:43+03:00

Registration of IDs is done every Thursday for applications submitted on Monday.

Do your system terminate to Telkom Network?2019-02-16T21:04:08+03:00

Our system does not terminate to Telkom networks. It only terminates to Safaricom and Airtel networks.

What is the cost of sending sms?2019-02-16T19:54:10+03:00

The branding service is available at a one-off cost of Kshs. 7,500 inclusive of VAT.

Our SMS standard pricing rate is 1 bob per SMS on Safaricom and Airtel Networks, though we may offer some discount to clients on agreed basis.

How long should the Sender ID be2019-02-16T19:51:17+03:00

The maximum characters allowed for the ID are 11 with no spaces in between. However, spaces can be filled in with either a hyphen (-) or underscore (_).

What is required to register Sender ID?2019-02-16T19:44:28+03:00

An authorization letter (Stamped) on the company’s letterhead and company’s registration certificate  is required for approval.

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