The following are available placeholders that can be used in the notification message fields

  • Billing First Name: %billing_first_name%
  • Billing family: %billing_last_name%
  • Billing Company: %billing_company%
  • Billing Address: %billing_address%
  • Billing Country: %billing_country%
  • Billing City: %billing_city%
  • Billing State: %billing_state%
  • Billing Email: %billing_email%
  • Billing Phone: %billing_phone%
  • Payment Method: %payment_method%
  • Payment Method Title: %payment_method_title%
  • Date Created: %date_created%
  • Date Modified: %date_modified%
  • Date Completed: %date_completed%
  • Date Paid: %date_paid%
  • Order id: %order_id%
  • Order number: %order_number%
  • Order Total: %order_total%
  • Order Discount: %order_discount%
  • Order Currency: %order_currency%
  • Order status: %status%
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